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Well we haven’t updated our blog as frequently as I think either of us would have liked. When I say us of course I’m referring to Robert and Kellie since this is our blog. Kellie has done the majority of the posting to the site, but I think that is going to start changing as I’m (Robert) getting more into affiliate marketing, and freelance web development. Neither of these topics are new to me though. I started doing web development back in old days. Where most people thought the internet was AOL But a lot has changed since those days. And I (Robert) have worked for a lot of companies since then too. From a large fortune 500 company to a small 4 person office, and even a dotcom. But nothing beats being your own boss. And hopefully I’ll have some free time to update this blog with the frequency it deserves. And my wife (kellie) can post to it about the topics that interest her as well.

More to follow.
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